Random Facts

  • Cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of 11: £4000
    Misc Facts
  • Seattle’s Fremont Bridge rises up and down more than any drawbridge in the world.
    Misc Facts
  • Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries.
    Misc Facts
  • The number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per side in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000.
    Misc Facts
  • Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots.
    Entertainment Facts
  • Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
    Human Facts
  • A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off.
    Animal Facts
  • Susan Lucci is the daughter of Phyllis Diller.
    Misc Facts